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A 1960 Ford Pick-up
Our customer is proud of his truck and is in the process of restoring it. He takes it on the road to classic shows nationwide.
​Now comes the Magic!
Custom Banner
We take pride in our wide selection of quality products. All of the work we do is to your specifications.
We will labor at giving you embroidered perfection!

If you have any questions regarding our products or would like more information, please contact us:
This sporting association needed a small banner for an event and although they wanted to avoid art and digitizing charges, we are able to compose an ID from stock designs and lettering already available.
​Bring us your drawings
A man brought us his own custom drawing and although it is not as visible in the photogragh, we used snake-skin print fabric for the cobra's body for a fantastic effect!!

He wanted his truck on a jacket to wear to the shows. We copied the truck, added improvements such as the 'moon' wheel covers and placed it in a setting that compliments the overall design. He was very happy!!! 
Oh, and he found his 'moon' covers later!
Award Jackets
Clip Art can also be used
are available from many manufacturers and come in your favorite sizes and colors. We can customize these and other garments for your team or event.

This woman wanted a shirt for her mother who just loves cardinals. She found a piece of clip art and we brought it to life using crepe backed satin and hand applique. Beautiful!!!

High quality and 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities.
Custom Art can be used
Depending on the size, colors, fabrics and any other specs you have, we will determine the best approach to creating your design so that when it is finished you will be proud to advertise!


Copyright infringement is a serious crime.
Custom Jersey's
Two young men came to us needing jersey's for their local roller-hockey team. They had their own logo art and color scheme in mind. As you can see the results were marvelous!
Again, a young coach of a local ice hockey team came to us needing jersey's. Because he was not looking for a handout we assisted him cheerfully. He had logo art and colors and already had the money for his jerseys so we blessed the boys with all logo's, names and numbers. GO SPLASH!!!
​This customer wanted us to experiment with some ideas their client had about a design and they would embroider the lettering below themselves.

The client decided they wanted the finger hole moved as it made the 'T' look like an 'F'. They also wanted to add a bowling pin.

After two small modifications, their client loved the finished design as did our customer and the order went to production. 
​Our Team of Artists
With a few pointers and some ingenuity, our art department can create a team identity that's just right for you and when you look good, you feel good; morale is high and you can conquer the world!!!
Sometimes creating the design you want is as easy as adding a few improvements to a stock design and choosing that special fabric to set the 'wheels of invention' in motion.