Zig Zag Applique
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Auto Racing Coverall
​with emblems sewn in place
Chenille Awards
Specialty Sewing Services
We offer a variety of special sewing services such as applying emblems, chenille letters and braid to uniforms.
We also perform some limited alterations like shortening sleeves or pant legs and removing buttons from your jerseys. . . or, replacing missing buttons and repairing rips and tears. We can open the lining of your jacket and close it back up so your embroidered design doesn't show on the inside.

For more information, please call 636-249-3508 or contact us:
is our choice of machine.
​Singer 20u33 zig-zag
sewn to a letterman jacket

"Get n Line" Emblems
sewn on these bags for a budding entrepreneur.
Photo Album Cover
Arched Name Rockers
custom made with embroidery and applique added to personalize.
​Stitch Removal 
to cover when the stable changed names
​Victory Strips
Customize your uniforms, caps and personal items for that distinguished image.

Contact us with your sewing projects and we'll work with you until we can pinpoint a price that's right
​Is sometimes necessary and can be done one of several ways. Although not all fabrics are resillient if done very carefully, a garment can be saved.
​is made easier with the aid of this 'Peanut' razor. However, a seam ripper, x-acto knife or small sissors can be used with some precision.
​and other embellishments can be added to your garments to enhance their functionallity and appearance.